Gulec – Back To Earth EP [THRYX003]

Mehmet Gulec, who started his career with Trance music in early 2010 and continued by proving himself in various genres at a later time debuts his new Melodic House & Techno EP called Back to Earth under his alias name called Gulec which he combining the Melodic Techno and Progressive elements with Trancy melodies and synths on Theory X.

Opening track ‘Back to Earth’ to craft a melodic techno sound that stimulates both the mind and body with melancholic content.

The second track is called Hindrance and definetly a class hour track with combined modern melodic emotinal leads and powerful rhythms and unrelenting arpeggio-rise and fall.

Closing track “Nothing In Her Eyes” is roaming in always emotive realms of melodically driven prog-techno, leads us into a shimmering landscape of rolling basslines and elated feelings.